Living Fit is dedicated to serving its community – and we want to serve as often as we can. This page is dedicated to the service efforts that we and our community. If you have service and philanthropy opportunities, contact us on our site or on social media to let us know how we can contribute.

As part of our current Community Outreach & Development Program, we are currently offering our 1 and 3 Session packages free of charge until April 14th. Our mission is to grow the fitness community and provide its members with the tools they need to succeed as they embark on their fitness journey. To take advantage of this service, select the Community O&D option in the drop down menu on our services contact form and you will have access to our resources and instantly become a member of our community. Be sure to refer a friend to help members of your community find their own way of living fit.

If you would like to help us in our efforts, visit our donations page to see how you can donate to our cause.