Meet the Founder

Hello! My name is Jordan Thompson, and I am a fitness professional with experience in the field as a personal trainer, nutritionist, fitness instructor, and coach. Combining experiences from my career, education, and an extensive sports background  (including playing at the collegiate level) I’ve been exposed to many best-practices, learned from renowned experts, worked under seasoned professionals, and work with numerous passionate, knowledgeable members of the industry. I am a student of the field and strive to incorporate my physical wellness as one of the core areas of balance in my life. As I continue progress in my own personal journey, I see the benefits that incorporating fitness brings in all aspects of my own life. I understand and still experience the challenges of getting started and reaching new levels of fitness, but as a member of the fitness community I have the resources to succeed. I have been fortunate, as a large percentage of the things I have learned, been exposed to, and practice are extremely hard to come across and compile. I want to share my knowledge and experience with others to offer what they need for their own success. My mission is to extend these resources to those who want to embark on a fitness journey of their own.

Certifications and Professional Experience

  • Certified Personal Fitness Trainer (AAAI/ISMA)
    • Strength Conditioning and Weight Training
    • Corrective Exercise
    • Weight Loss
  • Certified Sports Nutrition (AAAI/ISMA)
  • Swim Instructor (American Red Cross)
  • Sports Coach/Trainer