Online Fitness Training

Everyone’s fitness journey and goals are unique – so are our online fitness training packages. We offer a variety of packages to fit your specific demands and needs to accomplish your fitness goals. Our Fitness Packages are created by certified experts and are designed to help you succeed no matter what you are trying to accomplish. Each package includes a personalized document detailing the exercises to be performed for each session, key tips for each exercise based on your fitness goals, and instructional videos for each exercise to eliminate any uncertainty. We offer flexible Fitness Support (available via email, phone, and text) so that any questions you may have will be answered as promptly as possible. Workouts will be created based off a short consultation that is included in all packages that allows us to get to know you, understand your current activity levels, and ultimately help us determine what exercise plan works best for you.

How it Works

It begins with a fitness consultation included in your package after purchase. Once you purchase a package, you will be taken to the registration form to fill out your background information, fitness history, and what kind of training you’re looking for. This helps us understand what your goals are for the future. We also use this time to connect with you on Instagram if you have one. After that, you will have your formal fitness consultation with your personal trainer to get to know you even more, understand what exactly you are looking for, and tell you more about the services you purchased and how they will help you achieve your goals.  Next, we give you a few simple fitness tests to perform, and at this point you have the option to upload videos of you performing the test (this allows us to better assess your current fitness level to better help you reach your goals) or simply tell us the results.  Once we review the results of your fitness assessment we will provide a fully customized exercise routine for you based off your current fitness level and the goals you want to achieve. The process is so simple that if you choose not to, you don’t even have to pick up the phone! Once you get your exercise package, you have the free option to have it altered or updated so that it better meets your goals. Phone, email, and text support is available to address any questions you may have. Simple as that. Certain packages allow for progress reports and updated fitness assessments, and you are encouraged to send us videos and photos of your workouts so that we can offer the feedback you need and want. Post videos of your workout and tag us so we can follow your progress.


As part of the customization, the packages can be tailored for your specific F.I.T. (frequency, intensity, and workout duration time) – we take into account how often you can fit an exercise in your schedule, how challenging you would like it to be, and how long each workout lasts. Additionally, if you find either your workout is not challenging enough or you would like less intensity, we will update your plan free of charge. We strive to make the plan we provide a best fit for you. Prior to purchase, view our Terms & Conditions (after purchase, we will direct you to our Terms & Conditions page again if you have not already viewed them).

Package Design

The fitness training packages are broken up by weeks (1, 2, 3, 4, 8, and 12 week options) with three sessions included per week. As you continue along the program, the intensity is intended to increase to give you the best results, but all exercises are designed to be completed within the time frame that works best for you. Click the links below for more details on each package, what’s offered, and how you will grow to meet your fitness goals. Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level?

Each package has a unique offering designed to help you succeed. If you are looking for a single session package to begin, or even realign, your fitness journey, Contact Us and we will provide you a single session to get you started.