Finding a Gym to Fit your Lifestyle

A great article that talks about finding a fitness path that fits your lifestyle and appeals to your comfort levels. Fitness is about YOU! Great article, and we look forward to seeing more great content like this.

Journey of a Tigress

File:Crossfit gym cz.jpg

Over the years, I have watched as the world of fitness continues to evolve. Things are changing to meet the needs of the active client.  Not gone, but becoming out-numbered are the typical big box gyms with a weight room with machines and free weights and studios for classes. Small group training and boutique gyms are growing in popularity as the fitness lover searches for more ways to be challenged and have their interest ignited.

For the past few years I have been a member of a women only facility. I have no problem working out alongside men, this gym is simply convenient for me. It is close to home and I can walk there. An all woman gym I notice suits the needs of women who like a socializing sisterhood, as well as for those who must only workout among women due to religious reasons.  These ladies can wear shorts…

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One thought on “Finding a Gym to Fit your Lifestyle

  1. Looking for a gym can seem like a nag to some, but for me it was quite easy considering the choices I had .. which wasn’t very many. I think many people make the mistake of choosing the wrong gym because they don’t properly take the steps I believe that will lead to a more successful find such as: getting a tour, talking to staff, taking note of their goals in relation to what the gym offers, and being able to access the pros and cons of the gym of their choosing. Sometimes we just jump at the one that is cost effective but not in all cases is that the “right” choice, although it is a start if someone is on a budget which is understandable. Good post.



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