Cardio – Battle Ropes (beginner to intermediate)

For my first blog post I want to talk about a fun way to do cardio – battle ropes. Technically, this isn’t a cardio exercise, but it’s a great anaerobic exercise that really tackles fat. The battle ropes are a sleeping giant that often are underused and under appreciated in most gyms. They’re a unique cardio exercises because, typically, you don’t even have to move your legs. You get the perks of cardio while standing in one spot – it almost seems to be too good to be true. But don’t let that fool you…battle ropes can wear out the most elite, depending how they are used.

One great battle rope exercise involves you swinging the ropes with a strong, yet sustainable, intensity for 20 seconds. Rest for 40 seconds and battle-rope again. Repeat this for a total of 10 minutes. If you have the ability to monitor your heart rate, try to boost your your heart rate to about 70% of your max (there are multiple calculators online that will help you calculate your max exercising heart rate if you don’t know what it is). Adjust the rest time, intensity, and exercise duration as needed to help it meet your goals, but this model is a good base to start with. Too easy? Add a simple body-weight exercise after each time using the ropes and perform that for 10 seconds. This gives a total time of 30 seconds activity, 40 seconds rest for the 10 minute duration.

Add this to your fitness routine to break up the monotony of traditional cardio exercises. Go out and try them!

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